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PR Visa for Canada

Canada’s provincial nominee program (PNP) is an alternative way of securing permanent residency for those individuals who desire to immigrate to a specific Canadian province or territory.

Each province and territory in Canada have their own exclusive PNP designed to meet their unique needs and demands.

PNP is quite a lucrative and quick way of securing  Canadian permanent residency.

Although express entry is a more popular and sought after option of getting a PR.

One advantage that PNP has over express entry is that applicants who have low CSR scores have greater chances of getting accepted as compared to express entry.

One thing important to note here is that PNP for each and every province and territory is unique and has their own set of unique criteria.

This makes this pathway quite complicated and committing a single error can create a blunder.

This is where we come in picture, as we are here to guide you and decrease your chances of refusal to nil.

We have a long have a long list of satisfied customers and a team of expert professionals who have got your back at each step to best serve your needs.