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Visit Visa for Canada

A visitor visa is also known as a Temporary Residency Visa (TRV) or entry visa is an official document which is issued by the Canadian visa office that is attached to your passport that acts as proof of authorization and a license to enter Canada.

One can utilize a TRV to travel to Canada for a variety of reasons such as tourism, business or transit.

Every individual who wishes to enter Canada and is not a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or visa exempt, requires to issue a visitors visa to enter Canada. Generally, a visitor can stay up to 6 months in Canada.

Once the valid period is over, you need to exit Canada. However, the period can be extended or reduced.

If you want to stay longer than your authorized stay, you must apply for an extension at least 30 days before the authorized end of your stay.

One important thing to note here is that TRV doesn’t give you 100% assurance that it will let you enter Canada, as ultimately the officer in charge will take the final decision and permit you to proceed further.

Hence it is extremely important to be fully prepared and make sure you leave no scope for refusal.

Many people often get confused about the difference between a tourist visa and a visitor visa in Canada.

Much to their surprise, they are the same thing. Based on the purpose of the trip, people usually designate one of the 2 names.

Types of visit visa

  1. Visit / Tourism
  2. Study
  3. Work
  4. Temporary Resident


  1. You must meet some basic requirements to get a visitor visa. You must:
  2. Have a valid travel document ( passport )
  3. Have no past criminal records
  4. Be physically & mentally fit
  5. Give evidence to the immigration officer that you have a job, house, financial asset or a family in your homeland that will take you back
  6. Assure the officer that you will exit Canada once the time period has expired
  7. If a situation arises you might require a medical exam and a letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada